Holography 3D

3D holographic projections were a hit on the presentation technology market. The organizers will incorporate its capabilities into the scenarios of entertainment and business events in order to create an aura of peculiar uniqueness. Three-dimensional holography arouses interest, and professionally designed and implemented 3D hologram can also surprise and delight the observer. One thing is clear. This technology has the power to influence the emotional level of recipients, and contact with it falls into their memory.


CMA has a number of professional holographic projection devices.

Holographic pyramid

Three-dimensional image generated by holographic pyramids is precise and clear. Selection of the appropriate size of device depends on the number of audience. A smaller holographic device is perfect for presentations aimed to a small group of people at a given moment. This device is available in three variants: standard holographic pyramid, XL holographic pyramid and 360 holographic pyramids. Each variant has its characteristic applications, and our role will be to help you choose the most effective variant from the point of view of your needs and expectations.

Holo Cube

It is an ultra-modern device that enables holographic animation projections. These animations are characterized by a high resolution of 1920 x 1080. Dimensions and construction of the device itself expand its applications especially in terms of animation possibilities and placing real objects inside the Holo Cube. The whole is conveniently controlled from a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone.

HoloBox XL

Holographic projection of the human figure became possible thanks to HoloBox XL. This device allows you to project an image up to 180 cm high. Therefore, the human hologram can have a real height additionally displayed in 4K technology. The quality of image is excellent, and the hologram of figure is unprecedentedly real. HoloBox XL device is mobile, and the time of its assembly and disassembly is relatively short. Lighting conditions prevailing at the place of projection are not a problem, and the projection of human hologram is possible even in very bright, highly illuminated rooms.

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