Trade fair technical support

For nearly 20 years we have been supporting the organizers in realizing their vision of providing value to exhibitors and visitors of thematic and trade fairs. During this time we have built up our own competences and helped our numerous partners to develop by offering our knowledge and experience.


Trade fairs are events of all sizes exceptional. The success of their organization requires a strong focus on purpose, precise concentration of resources and perfect coordination of activities. Reliable technical support is also an essential element, which should be remembered when planning the success of an exhibition event.

What do we offer?

  • we will supply and handle all the necessary elements of fair space arrangement,
  • we will help you to design and select, and we will deliver and provide services for lighting and sound system at fairs and accompanying events,
  • we will ensure the safety of participants by means of registration and entrance control systems,
  • we will provide and support presentation and multimedia equipment,
  • we will record the event and stream it online,
  • we will deliver the construction of trade fair stands with their technical support.

What can you expect?

The CMA technical service combines a unique composition of positive features. It is a perfectly tuned mechanism, which consists of competence, skills, knowledge, commitment, passion, reliability, creativity, diligence, punctuality, responsibility, steadfastness, optimism, accuracy, honesty, firmness and discipline. We have developed these values through experience and practice to the level of professionals. You can be sure that this value-added mechanism will be released into motion by creating the potential of creative energy, focused on the goal of success that guarantees the success of your project.

Trade fair equipment and technical support

We have a database of event equipment that can handle any type and format of event, including any kind of fair event. We have at our disposal branded, proven and what is important constantly maintained and serviced devices. Event equipment, sound system and lighting from CMA are reliable and that is not all. The equipment we have at our disposal is well known, we are able to operate it like no one else. Our people are experts in event technology. There is no doubt about it.

What else you may need?

What distinguishes the CMA service offer from competition is its absolute level of complexity. Technical support is an important element, but not the only one, on the way to success. Important and also developed to the highest level of professionalism are our fair services, as well as fair stand design and development. The first includes all “soft” activities related to planning, designing the audiovisual and multimedia sphere, as well as branding and promotion of the event. The second covers the entire process of designing, realization and development of exhibition stands based on the absolutely unique level of creative and artistic competence of our team.


We operate comprehensively, efficiently and reliably. We have evidence of this in the form of references and probably the broadest portfolio of completed projects in the industry.

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