Technical Support for Conferences and Congresses


A conference is a meeting of people at a fixed place and time to discuss a selected issue. Participants exchange among themselves their thoughts, theoretical and practical knowledge and experience in the area of the subject of the conference. Scientific, business, commercial, political, professional or other specialized issues are discussed during the conference. The number of participants can range from a few or a dozen to as many as several hundred people. What’s more, a conference can last from a few tens of minutes (press conferences), through several hours, to even several days. Its guests may come from different countries and speak different languages.


Related events: symposium, convention, seminar, workshop, meeting, session.






  1. Conference planning
  2. Branding, development of promotional materials and conference materials

  3. Selection of speakers, presenters and conference support

  4. Conference promotion

  5. Accompanying events and attractions

  6. Finishing and summarizing the conference

Good organization of conferences and congresses is a result of good planning and precise scheduling of events. Time and energy devoted to putting everything together increase the probability of success. If you have already chosen the topic and date for the organization of your conference, it is time to choose a venue suitable for the planned number of guests. In Poland, the number of venues with high standards and capabilities to handle a conference or congress is huge. Finding a suitable venue should not pose any problem. At this stage, it is important to determine the needs and possibilities of accommodating guests in hotel rooms for the duration of the conference or congress. Logistics and the ability to get from the accommodation to the conference venue efficiently will also be important – it is worth informing guests what transportation options are available to them.


The next step will be to design the entire visual sphere of the conference. Here our experienced creative team comes to the rescue.


Congress support in the area of branding will help design all promotional and conference materials. We focus on sublime aesthetics, consistency and content value. The selection of speakers is key to highlighting and enhancing the content value of your conference. A presenter well suited to the circumstances is, in turn, a guarantee of the right pace, dynamics and stature of the event. CMA can also help you select a master of ceremony suitable for the circumstances – there are nearly 150 of them in our database.


We guarantee our clients the highest level of service for conferences and congresses also in terms of hosting the event, booking and access to professional simultaneous translation services, and if necessary, specialized security. CMA is a partner of event agencies and conference and congress organizers also in the area of promoting their events. With us, you will maximize reach, interest and participation, which is a very important criterion for evaluating the success of an event. If you plan to raise the level of attractiveness, it is worth to include events and accompanying attractions in the scenario. Our conference staff will take care of booking artists and professionals whose task will be to make your guests’ leisure time more pleasant. We can also plan and organize games and activities together. This will make your congress or conference valuable, interesting and attractive from an entertainment standpoint as well.


Planning the success of your event at 110%? Technical support for conferences and congresses is also our specialty, guaranteeing the reliability of the equipment and the professionalism of its service.


If you are organizing and handling conferences from A to Z and you need reliable and technologically modern equipment, our rental service is at your disposal.


We have comprehensive technological, technical solutions and equipment dedicated to technical support of conferences and congresses. Our staff can implement these solutions reliably. We take care of the appropriate sound, stage lighting and setting of the event. We document its progress in detail in professional cooperation together with the best photographers and graphic designers. We supply and operate: conference systems, lecterns, audio and video systems, recording and streaming of the event, simultaneous interpretation equipment and almost unlimited event lighting solutions.


Our past experience with comprehensive conference and congress services – whether in Warsaw or Monaco – shows that it is important not only to provide efficient strictly technical services. It is also important to take care of the smallest details that create a coherent whole of the event. It is extremely important to feel the atmosphere and the main idea of the event, and to adjust the scenery or lighting to it. All this to ensure that the implementation of such an event stands at a level that makes the main theme of the meeting almost tangible. While our conference and congress services can take care of the guests’ well-being, integration and fun, our event technical services will take care of the smooth and efficient course of the event in terms of sound, lighting, set design and even video recording and streaming during the event online. Regardless of the task you set before us, our goal is always the same. Success.


Before you decide to engage CMA as technical support for your event, be sure to check out our Portfolio.


Our history is a string of successful events for which we have had the great pleasure of working as their technical support as well.


CMA’s technical support for conferences and congresses is a close-knit team of people with heads that hold endless amounts of ideas on how to improve the technical sphere of the event. All this to delight your guests and make the event organized by you stay in their memory long after they return home. It does not matter whether you are realizing an interesting theme of a large event, an intimate conference related to a company anniversary or a specialized scientific congress. We can turn even the dullest business meeting into something exciting. We have been doing this effectively for 20 years.

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