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Conference is a meeting of people in an agreed place and time, the purpose of which is to discuss a selected issue. The participants exchange their thoughts, theoretical and practical knowledge and experience in the conference area. During the conference, scientific, business, commercial, political, professional or other specialist issues are discussed. The number of participants may vary from a few or several dozen to even several hundred people. What is more… The conference can last from several dozen minutes (press conferences), for several hours, up to several days. Its guests can come from different countries and speak different languages.


Related events: symposium, convention, seminar, workshop, gathering, meeting.

Conference service – step by step

  1. Conference planning
  2. Branding, development of promotional materials and conference materials
  3. Selection of speakers, host and conference staff
  4. Promotion of the conference
  5. Accompanying events and attractions
  6. Finalization and summary of the conference

Good organization of conferences is a resultant of good planning and precise schedule of events. Time and energy devoted to arrange everything increases the probability of success. If you have already chosen the topic and date of your conference, it’s time to choose the right place for the planned number of guests. In Poland, the number of facilities of high standard and conference service capabilities is huge. Finding the right place should not cause any problems. It is important at this stage to determine the needs and possibilities of accommodating guests in hotel rooms for the duration of such a conference. Also important will be the logistics and possibility of efficient access from the place of accommodation to the place of conference – it is worth informing the guests what transport options are at their disposal.


The next step will be to design the whole visual sphere of conference. Here our experienced creative team comes to your aid.


The CMA conference service in the branding area will help to design all promotional and conference materials. We focus on refined aesthetics, consistency and substantive value. The selection of speakers is key to highlighting and enhancing the substantive value of your conference. A well-chosen speaker is in turn a guarantee of appropriate pace, dynamics and rank of the event. The CMA can also assist in selection of a suitable conference host – in our database there are nearly 150 of them.


We guarantee the highest level of conference service also in the field of event hosting, booking and access to professional simultaneous interpreting services, and if necessary also specialized security. The CMA is also a partner of event agencies and conference organizers in the area of promotion of their events. With us you will maximize the range, interest and participation, which is a very important criterion for assessing the success of your undertaking. If you are planning to raise the level of attractiveness, it is worth considering including events and accompanying attractions in the scenario. Our conference staff will take care of booking artists and professionals, whose task will make the guests’ free time more pleasant. We can also plan and organize games together. Thanks to this, your conference will be valuable, interesting and attractive also from an entertainment point of view.


Are you planning to make your event a success of 110%? Conference technical support is also our specialty, a guarantee of reliability of equipment and professionalism of its service.


If you organize and operate conferences from A to Z, but you need reliable and technologically advanced equipment, our rental service is at your disposal. [Find out more]

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