Fan Zone – World Men’s Handball Championship EURO 2016

Polish Handball Federation
15th - 31st January 2016
17 days

4 cities, 17 days, 4 victories

and a whole range of sports emotions

During World Men’s Handball Championship EURO 2016 we organized and coordinated Official Fan Zones in all 4 city-hosts. Our burning with emotions halls were placed in the city centers of Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk and Katowice. In every place we enabled fans from all over the world watching the games on large LED screens. Besides the matches, our Fan Zones offered many, not only sport, attractions and activities that were indicated for people in every age. At the main championship sponsor’s stand you could check your reflex, paint faces in the colors of the team or create a special gif from the pictures of your own. For those more active GOALCHA prepared lessons of street handball. On our scenes we hosted local artists, championship’s ambassadors visited us, there were acrobatics shows, cabaret gigs and concerts. That were 17 days of unforgettable experiences and even the lack of victory didn’t town down our enthusiasm!

100 000 fans visiting zones
34 transmissions of emotional matches
80 000 gadgets given out
100 staff in 4 cities
Work with us