Entertainers and special guests

Outstanding events are created by outstanding people. It would be worthwhile to have someone special to host them.

Smooth handling of the event requires involvement of an extraordinary, charismatic and entertaining personality in this role. Its task is to communicate with the participants in order to build and maintain a high level of commitment and enthusiasm. It is the entertainer women or men (and sometimes both), who create the atmosphere, arouse engagement, curiosity and a sense of belonging. Their tool is a word spoken in a thoughtful, elegant, but at the same time interesting way. Regardless of whether they stand in front of a crowd of listeners and rock music lovers who are eager for many thousands of impressions and emotions, or in front of a group of several dozen respected figures from the world of science and politics, their role is to perform and do their work professionally; from the introduction to the world of event designed by the organizers to its end and farewell to the audience. This is a difficult skill, which was masterfully mastered by really few people.

Entertainer – booking and entertainer services for events

The CMA supports organizers and event agencies as a part of the hosted events. We have built relations with over 150 professionals able to lead any type and format of event. We will advise you on the choice, check availability, set the conditions and engage the hosting service for your event.


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Special guests – one invitation with the power of transformation faces each event

A special guest is usually an authority in specific field, a man of Success through the large S. They can be a well-known figure from the world of science, politics, business, but also religion, culture or sport. Already the very announcement of their presence during the event raises their rank, prestige and attractiveness in the ranks of recipients’ target group. Not to mention the fact that this figure (or figures if there are several special guests) always has a positive impact on the size of audience group and the range of marketing communication, which is so important for effective promotion of the event.


CMA helps to define who they are, to reach authorities in areas that are closely correlated with the subject matter of a given event. We also optimize this element of creative process. On your behalf, we will make contact, invite, set the conditions of participation and serve special guests.


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