Contemporary animated film is a creation about the smooth dynamics of action, adjusted to the needs and expectations of the target group. It is an aesthetic image in motion with artistic and entertainment qualities, and often also very useful. Especially the last feature can and should be important from the point of view of a person facing decision to add this kind of film technique to the project. Possibilities of creating animated reality by means of animated film are limited only by the creators’ imagination. The image can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional; black-and-white or colored.


Animation is also used by the creators of advertisement. It is a popular technique used both in television and Internet advertisements. Companies use animated films during the production of corporate films, training films or instructional films. Very often they also become a tool for building the visual sphere of events, raising their rank, prestige and aesthetic values.

Creative process in the production of animated films

In this case, the construction of creative process is relatively simple. Together we specify the vision and purpose of animated film. We analyze the target group, their needs and expectations. You can rely on our help in developing a script for the story, which a film is supposed to tell. We will try to plan the audience’s reactions to the emotions coming from the screen. We will take care of the smallest details, quality and aesthetics. We will select music and soundtracks, including the voice of speaker and, if necessary, the characters.

Product animations are a special type of animated film. These are short, usually three-dimensional formats, whose task is to present the functioning mechanisms of moving elements of machines and devices, and to show their multi-dimensional movement. This is a very effective and unconventional method of product presentation, which gains a wider range of supporters.


Animation is a form of presentation with high potential for positive perception. This is one of many reasons why it gains more and more popularity. Good animation can attract attention, evoke emotions and be much more effective than conventional techniques used in the production of advertising spots. Its unquestionable advantage is the possibility of trouble-free editing and modification, i.e. adjusting the content to needs and technical requirements of different distribution channels and different markets in different countries.


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