Graphics and graphic design is a pearl in the crown of CMA multimedia services. Our creative team is one of the best on the market. We have no doubts about it. The number of completed projects is counted in tens of thousands. The concept is adjusted to the needs of the client and the project. Our tasks include development of graphic materials for branding processes and visual identification purposes, as well as complex creation of visual setting for each type and format of event before, during and after their completion.

Visual identification

Creating a positive visual identification of the company or an event that reaches the recipients’ awareness is the first of the important steps on the way to intentionally planned success. We design logos/logotypes, suggest appropriate colors, patterns of promotional/advertising materials, audiovisual forms, public relations materials, visual information, etc. We also offer a wide range of products and services.


The visual identification begins with the analysis of target recipient. On the basis of recipient’s profile, an aesthetic vision is created, which will be transferred to a graphical digital form. Then it is coherently adapted to the needs of different formats and media. The final effect always reaches the point, needs and expectations of recipients.

Multimedia presentations

We also prepare corporate multimedia presentations. Regardless of the purpose for which they are created, they will always be an excellent carrier of useful information or knowledge, put in aesthetic and pleasant to the eye forms. The aesthetics of multimedia presentations helps to build a positive image of modern and professional company. It emphasizes attention to detail, raises the rank and prestige of event.

Event and company promotional materials

We design any kind of promotional materials. It ranges from simple leaflets, brochures, catalogues, posters and newsletters, to much more demanding and sublime projects. We also advise on the selection of most appropriate media, information media that help to effectively reach the selected target group of recipients with its message.


We comprehensively support the graphic needs of organizers and event agencies from all over Poland. Together we will define the needs, sketch a vision, and then our graphic designers will provide event graphics necessary during the organization of fairs, conferences, events, trainings, concerts – each event regardless of its size or format.

3D graphics

We design 3D graphics in photorealistic quality and aesthetics. Three-dimensional 3D graphics of our production is an excellent service for a very wide range of demanding customers and recipients of their products or services. The newest technologies of visual presentation will help to achieve a stunning effect, build an atmosphere of stunning uncanny. There are no limits to the creative use of available solutions accompanied by a solid dose of high class 3D graphics design skills. Maybe there are limits somewhere, but for more than 20 years of our design work we have never reached them yet.


Traditional poster is a format particularly close to our heart. In our design work on posters, we strive to achieve an effect that well describes the phrase “small works of art”. A poster is carrier with a very wide range of applications. Usually, but not only, it is used as a promotional tool in the organization of artistic, cultural and musical events. Deciding to cooperate with CMA and using the services of our creative team, we can be sure that the final effect of our work will be clear posters, aesthetically consistent with the whole visual setting and, above all, that they will attract attention and effectively reach deep into the consciousness of recipients and observers.

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