Mapping 3D

It is a fascinating world of video spatial art. This is probably the most appropriate term to answer the question of what three-dimensional mapping actually is. This innovative technique of multimedia projection consists in displaying the most often dynamic image on a real three-dimensional object. It does not matter what the object is. 3D projection can be realized on any architectural object, cars or elements of scenographic structures.


The object becomes the background on which designer realizes the vision of how by creating a kind of magic illusion, which task is to enchant and arouse emotions of audience. Mapping is most often used on buildings and architectural objects of all kinds, thanks to which artistic works of unique and often monumental character are created. The whole projection is complemented by music and soundtracks, making the event a multi-sensual entertainment experience.

Mapping 3D

Video mapping 3D created by CMA creative team is distinguished by:


  • access to the highest quality, own projection equipment
  • perfect coordinated cooperation with our own specialists and sound technicians
  • cooperation with artists experienced in recording music tracks for designed animations
  • several years of experience and a rich portfolio of completed projects
  • outstanding competence in 3D and 2D animation and motion design


What image arises from it? A composition of perfect and modern equipment, outstanding competence and rich experience in the spirit of cooperation, set in motion as a part of creative process served by ambitious and determined people. The combination in itself is unique, capable of creating an unforgettable spectacle, which will be remembered by the participants of event for a long time.


We invite organizers and event agencies to cooperate with us. Entrusting us with the role of your event partner in the field of video mapping will be a value for you and an honor for us. Let’s create something amazing together!

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