Video walls rental

The Concept Music Art Sp z o.o. offers a comprehensive range of services, including rental of external and internal screens for the organization of small and mass events organized indoors and outdoors. Taking care of the high quality of our services and customer satisfaction, we offer rental of screens with excellent parameters. Exceptional quality of image reading and technological advancement of the rented video walls ensure the highest dimension of event service.


Our LED screens for rent are screens designed to display moving pictures, which use LED technology.


We offer internal (indoor) video walls that are rented for events and fairs. They guarantee exceptional image quality, one of the best LED carriers available on the market. The device is constructed in such a way that it ensures quick assembly and disassembly, which is its great advantage. In addition, it gives the possibility to watch the emitted image from a short distance of 2 m and has a BLACK SMD diode.


We offer external (outdoor) video walls for rent in case of events, fairs and outdoor events. Our screens have excellent picture quality; they are adapted for quick and efficient assembly and disassembly. Moreover, they enable to watch the emitted image from a short distance of 3 m and are very resistant to weather conditions.


We have excellent equipment, excellent professionals, and great experience. We provide transport of equipment, assembly and professional technical service.

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