Technical support for festivals and concerts

Comprehensive technical support for mass events

Concert or festival with CMA technical support… It has to succeed. We provide reliable technical support services for event agencies, concert and music festival organizers of all formats. We have been doing it for 20 years and we do it really good. We operate according to a scenario, plan and schedule. Always and unconditionally! We know the expectations of all participants in the process of creating shows and mass events from the inside out. Knowing these expectations, we composed a base of event equipment for the construction of stage, sound system and lighting capable of handling every event and generate unforgettable multi-dimensional and multi-sensory impressions; Impressions that are the construction material of human experience of reality. Our technical support will make sure that they are as positive as possible. You can be sure that we know how and what to do.

Technical support for festivals...

Technical support for festivals is a complex task – multistage and multifaceted. It requires great concentration, effort and perfect coordination of resources. It is a difficult working environment under pressure of time, effect and consistently high expectations. For CMA, this environment is a natural ecosystem in which all of our strengths have been developed to a master level. And what about weaknesses? What weaknesses?

And concert tours

Concert tours are also a challenge, due to the complex, repetitive logistics process and the need to move efficiently both stars and equipment with the staff. Assembling, transporting, and reassembling all lighting equipment, audio-visual equipment, scenes, taking care of the smallest details. Everything has to be in place. In addition, there is the fight against adversity and the need to cope with unfavorable weather. Our team loves such challenges and copes with them perfectly.

Where is the secret of many years of success?

High-class, modern stage, sound and lighting equipment are important elements. Undeniably! However, we believe that our technical service team, driven by 20 years of success, is our greatest strength and added value. We carefully select the staff of every level and every specialization. We select people with passion and commitment. We like to cooperate with professionals. The high quality of their work is a result of rich experience, also resulting from obstacles overcome and problems solved. People standing in the shadows and operating the equipment are unsung heroes and co-authors of the success of stars shining on concert and festival stages all over the world. The best of them and this is no secret – work in CMA.

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