Exhibition stand construction

The process of creating a trade fair stand is associated with several basic steps. The customer planning to build a fair stand must be aware of the fact that all work related to the construction of stand must be supported by a previously approved project. In Poland, construction work, regardless of whether it takes place in an open or closed area, can be carried out after obtaining a building permit. If you entrust us with preparation of a design, stand arrangement and its execution, then the obligation to obtain required documents will be borne by CMA. Our team will take care of obtaining permission to carry out all works in the exhibition hall where the event will take place.

Exhibition stand construction

Modern stand construction enables us to promote the company at trade fairs. In order to choose an exhibition system that meets your expectations, at the beginning you have to determine the function to be performed by the planned exhibition buildings, what we want to achieve through the exhibition, how to promote the company’s brand, what is our budget, and what type of stand we want. Our comprehensive support also consists in determining your expectations of the planned marketing space. If we determine that the fair stand is to be a strictly informative point and you do not need any space for an exhibition of goods, because we plan to install a video wall, then the stand will require different logistic solutions than the fair buildings for the company which will promote e.g. kitchen equipment and kitchen tools will be the subject of offer. In this case, the product must not only be shown, but also its application. You will need a table and planned amount of space for guests who gather around you.


The trade fair stand can be made of various available materials. There are system stands and author’s stands. The first one is made of aluminum profiles and the walls are made of fibreboards. Organic glass, PVC, paper, textiles and cardboard are also often used. Author’s stands are made of wood or MDF, with the frame made of steel. In addition, organic glass, aluminum, PVC, glass and solid wood are also used for finishing. Surfaces are painted with acrylic paints and the floor is made with the use of panels.


Our dedicated production team, dealing with stand construction, will make an exhibition system especially for you, which will be adapted to the type of presentation during trade fairs. You can choose from several types of stands.


The producer has several logistics solutions to offer:

  • Stand in the row: these are structures arranged in a row, one by one, in a box pattern. Contact with visitors is limited because it only takes place through one wall.
  • Front stands: also called semi-island stands as they are open from three sides. The stand has good conditions for exhibiting items that are part of the exhibition, but it is not intended for companies that are interested in displaying boards and other information materials.
  • Corner stands: integrated into a corner, where two adjacent walls are open to the customer and allow access to the exhibition.
  • Stand-island: open from four sides, unlimited access to the exhibition, and an uninterrupted sequence of communication, which translates into the greatest possibilities of presenting the company’s offer.


The CMA provides professional solutions in the field of designing, visualization and arrangement of trade fair stands in order to build a stand optimally designed in terms of marketing and logistics in the next stage of cooperation. We can design and build a standard stand or individually design an exhibition. We will take care of the trade fair development in a professional and comprehensive way, and the materials used to create the stand will be the best example of ideal price/quality ratio.


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