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Trade fair stands – from design to installation and service

The stand at trade fairs is undoubtedly a showcase of the brand. Taking into account contemporary, spectacular realizations in this field, the CMA meets the market requirements. Representatives of national companies have a systematic concept of stand design, which is adapted to corporate guidelines. However, still a large number of trade fair participants have to take care of their own stands. At this point, it is worth focusing on the optimization of your undertaking in order to achieve an effective project with specific measures. The CMA will develop materials of the highest quality so that potential trade fair participants would like to take part in the project. We are well aware of the fact that appearance of a stand must meet several requirements. First of all, it is supposed to attract customers, and secondly, its arrangement should reflect the brand represented by the company. Finally, the arrangement is to be aesthetic, unique, functional and made of the highest quality materials. Moreover, the exhibition system should always adapt to the objectives it is to achieve. If contact with many customers is required, you need a space that can accommodate many people, and thus allow you to present your company’s offer in an optimal way. If you need little space to present your services or products, a small modular stand is perfect. The CMA always personalizes the project for industry and product that the company will advertise.

Before making a decision

We also offer visualization of your exhibition system . 3D visualization will show the location of particular elements of stand construction , such as: back office, information point, consultation points, expositors, information stands, wardrobes, reception desk, and multimedia table. In the visualization we will also show you where wall branding and logotype, which in modern exhibition systems is an essential element of fair exhibition design.

Quality, quality and complexity once again

Trade fair stands should be an excellent example of professional technical and construction work. Taking care of the optimal design of exhibition stand, making its visualization for a better image of the place, we also do not forget about formal and technical issues. We will prepare the required documentation, and then prepare the design and construction. We attach great importance to precision in execution of external and partition walls, being aware of the fact that the aesthetic dimension of fair exhibition is an important marketing element. We comprehensively secure the electrical installation and take care of electrical connection, suspensions, and other technical aspects related to the stand’s operation.

Technique and technology in the service of success – yours and your business

In order for the fair stand to be professionally exposed and accessible to guests, it is necessary to take care of lighting and sound system of the place. The CMA uses the latest technological solutions, high quality moving-head equipment, LED floodlights, profile and effect light, and Gobo projectors. For the comfort of presentation, fair exhibitions must be equipped with high quality sound equipment. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we know that in case of large-format events, the crystal sounding Q Series D&B system is perfect, which is appreciated by entertainers, artists and audiences. For smaller projects we install neat QSC speaker systems, which are a guarantee of perfect sound coverage. Wherever there is a need to install a wireless microphone, we offer the Shure and Sennheiser series.

Exhibition stand service with CMA

Knowing that exhibition stands are an important marketing element in the presentation of products or services of a given company, we take care of every dimension of the functioning of exhibition system. We will prepare a scenario and complete documentation, and we will take care of the booking of entertainers and artists. Additionally, we will commemorate the event thanks to photo & video reports, which will be shown to a wide audience. We also do not forget about direct contact. Our team will take care of catering, friendly atmosphere and establishing positive relations with guests.


To meet your expectations, we focus on technological development, creativity and functionality of what we create.

To sum up:

  • We will take care of the exhibition stand development project, its visualization and construction;
  • We will prepare appropriate documentation;
  • We will take care of the installation of lighting and sound system;
  • We will design and install furniture equipment;
  • We will install the trade fair construction;
  • We will take care of multimedia support for the stand;
  • We will prepare promotional and advertising materials;
  • We will carry out the booking of artists and entertainers;
  • We will provide a photo & video report.


We are a team that creates exhibition projects adapted to your brand and we provide comprehensive marketing advice in the field of fair stand design and construction.

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