Exhibition stand service

Exhibition stand service is an important element of creating a positive image of the company. Our team has many years of experience in this aspect of brand promotion, dealing with fair stands service from beginning to end. At the start of work on the stand service, it is worth to carry out a scenario of activities. Such a scratch will enable to perform the planned steps later, without unnecessary downtime. The scenario includes a form of promotion, designation of persons for particular roles and determination of stand equipment.


Remembering to complete the formalities related to preparation of the promotion site, the CMA does not forget to prepare the necessary documentation and obtain permits. During a professional presentation of your company during trade fairs, there can be no shortage of technical support. The CMA guarantees full multimedia support. We will deal with photo & video report. We provide multi-camera realization of the vision by working on mobile equipment Sony, Blackmagic and AjaKi. We have a high-class transmission vehicle, we carry out TV and Internet broadcasts, and we make advertising spots and films for corporations.


We will also take care of the visual side of your undertaking: we will install projectors, plasma screens and video walls. We work on solutions based on systems from manufacturers such as BARCO, ROLAND, BLACKMAGIC, STUMPFL, TV ONE and many others. We install large video walls, use interactive solutions and equipment that create virtual and augmented reality. We also offer 3D mapping. It is a modern multimedia projection, which consists in displaying a static image or animation on a real three-dimensional object. Professionally and modernly prepared exhibition stand should be equipped with touch screens, which can be used as an information board, presenting the most important data about the company and the product.


Since we already know that your exhibition stand will be visible, it is also worth taking care of the sound system. The host of presentation must be heard by all interested parties. The CMA will take care of it by offering an event sound system ideally suited to your needs. We offer QSC speaker systems, which guarantee the highest quality of sound, as well as microphones, in the hand, head and gooseneck versions by Shure or Sennheiser.


We are aware of the fact that lighting is an extremely important technical element in brand promotion. Professionally selected lighting helps to expose the advantages of presented product or structural details of a stand. Our technical team has the most modern lighting equipment. We install LED illuminators, profile and effect lights. Always, the type of lighting is selected for the object, from which the best elements of its construction should be extracted and the advantages of arrangement should be emphasized. In order to illuminate a solid, we install arrangement lighting when we want to emphasize the character of building. When it comes to presentation in the scenario, we use conventional lighting, which gives the atmosphere to every performance. To display logotypes on the trade fair stand, we use Gobo projectors, which thanks to the use of a system of laser-cut or glass plates; have great possibilities to reproduce the details of structure and color.


In our database we have 150 artists and entertainers. You don’t have to look for the right person to lead your presentation, and you don’t have to look for animation and hostess specialists. By comprehensively handling every event, we know that even with the highest quality lighting and sound system, the human factor is the most important. Even the most professionally prepared exhibition stand will not fulfil its function if there are no persons responsible for the presentation and talks with the client at your stand.


If the trade fair is coming up and you don’t know where to start preparations, all you need to do at this point is contact us. The CMA will take care of preparing the scenario of your event, will take care of booking of entertainers and hostesses, will install lighting, sound system and will take care of your vision. At each stage of servicing your exhibition stand, we will implement a marketing strategy of the highest class.


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