Mass Events Handling


Mass event is a paid artistic-entertainment, cultural or sports event. It can be a festival, music concert or cyclical sports event in the centre of a big city. A mass event takes place in stadium or in a place suitable for the purpose of such an event. Polish law stipulates that a mass event is when the number of participants exceeds three hundred people (in case of a sports hall or other closed facility) or a thousand people in case of mass events organized in stadiums or in undeveloped areas. The same regulations stipulate that mass events do not include: festivals, theatre performances, company games, Olympics for disabled, or concerts organized in schools, libraries and cinemas.


Related events: assembly, reunion, sports competitions, tournament.

Mass events handling – step by step

  1. Planning the course of event;
  2. Selection of a place for planned number of people;
  3. Development of promotional materials, obtaining permits;
  4. Selection of speakers and event host;
  5. Determining the rules of cooperation with invited guests;
  6. Promotion of the event, media patronage, promotional campaigns;
  7. Preparation of the place, securing the mass event;
  8. Handling and support of mass events;
  9. Acknowledgements and summary of the project.

Mass events are inseparably associated with the need for multifaceted, perfectly coordinated organizational work. Preparing the schedule of a mass event, during which there will be a crowd of several thousand people in a given place and time, it is worth using the help of professionals. The CMA provides its experience already at this preparatory stage of such an event. We will help you choose the right place for your occasion. It should be adjusted to the estimated number of guests; it should be equipped with hygienic and sanitary facilities, as well as rescue and firefighting equipment. Ensuring sufficient number and qualified protection is also a duty of the organizer of any mass event – do not forget about it.


If you need it as a mass event organizer, we can help you in obtaining all the necessary permits, creating documentation or submitting the necessary applications.


Our creative team will take care of branding and the entire graphic and visual design of the event. We will design everything from tickets, through the website and profile of the event in social media, to elements of the visual arrangement of event space. If the scenario of event includes the use of high-class technological multimedia solutions such as 2D and 3D animation display or will include projections and 3D mapping, then the involvement of CMA event services in the design and implementation of this visual plane will be a great success.


Together we will plan and implement an effective promotion plan for a mass event. Reaching the maximum number of potential participants is the maximum probability of the event’s success. We know how to achieve it. We have done it thousands of times.


The CMA has a rich database of entertainers, from which we will select for you professionals proven and experienced in conducting mass events. The service of mass events is closely related to ensuring the expected comfort of visitors and participants. Often mass events are musical events, the implementation of which requires a suitable place and security.


Using our services, you can commemorate your mass event, as well as show it live. As a part of the photo & video offer, CMA will show the world your event via TV, Internet or post-event coverage in the form of a documentary film.


The CMA’ mass events service is also, or maybe first of all, a world-class, perfectly coordinated technical service of festivals, concerts and other forms of mass events with the latest equipment. The CMA will deal with construction and assembly of the stage, stage design, lighting and sound system for this event. We will also take care of safety – we will install safety barriers and fences. We will also provide certified stage roofing, which are a guarantee of safety and reliability.


You do not need support… As an event agency, you have the resources and competences to organize and service a mass event. But you lack the equipment to make the vision of mass event a reality. Do not worry! The event equipment rental offer has been created with you in mind.

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