Stage technology

Stage technique is a team game

The CMA stage technique is well harmonized, perfectly coordinated and equipped with the most modern stage equipment by a team of committed specialists. Every year we support event agencies and organizers of mass events, concerts and festivals in the implementation of over 100 projects requiring the use of reliable equipment. For twenty years of existence on the market, we have built stages (and dismantled after the event) several thousand times. The construction of stage, its roofing, as well as protection and fencing of the surrounding area is fast and without disturbances. The participation of our partners is completely unnecessary at this stage of undertaking – they can devote their time to other important tasks.

Luxury, time saving and certainty of results

The CMA technical support in the field of stage technology is a luxurious service – and we are not afraid to say so – hi-end at a reasonable price. What is this luxury? It is very simple. We guarantee reliable delivery of high quality equipment by our own means of transport, unloading, assembly and disassembly. Always on schedule! There is no your involvement, no risk, and even 100% certainty that this element of the event organization process has been entrusted to professionals. Not only that. Our stage constructions also include the arrangement and decoration of the stage and the development of planned elements of scenography. We will perfectly arrange the space, building in it a unique atmosphere and climate, which you care so much about.


Are you organizing a festival and you need several stages in the same place at the same time? Great!


We have enough equipment, including lighting and sound, to build, equip and arrange several scenes at once.


Be sure to check how our stage technique has been used in various Polish cities in the past.


The CMA logo trucks delivered the equipment, and our people and our innovative stage technology were part of the success of events in cities such as Warsaw, Cracow, Katowice, Łódź, Wrocław, Rzeszów and many, many more.


If you only need equipment that you can easily handle with your own team of stage constructions, with you in mind, we have provided stage equipment for the construction of a stage and its surroundings in our stage rental shop. You will find there everything you need in the field of stage technology at very reasonable prices – especially for our regular business partners.

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