Fair stands – Price. Or maybe the quality/price ratio?

Customers often think about the costs they will incur when creating a fair stand. Basically, the valuation of the realization and service of fair stand is free of charge.


However, when it comes to fair stands, the price depends on many factors and is conditioned above all to:


  • Dimensions;
  • Need for stand service;
  • Technological needs: lighting, sound system and multimedia;
  • Logistics solutions.

Fair stands price depends on its area…

In order to meet the challenges, we need to find out as much detail as possible about your needs and expectations at the beginning of our cooperation. When we start working on a project, we determine what will be sold at a given fair stand . The space for a large production machine will be different from that for small materials that can be placed and displayed in showcases. Under these assumptions, the required exhibition area should be about 2 square meters for a single product.

and the size of all necessary functional elements

Another thing that affects the stand size and price is expected number of visitors to the stand, one at a time during the fair. In order to welcome people, a fair stand must meet minimum requirements, and thus – must have certain elements of construction and decoration. The following are necessary in designing a fair stand:


  • Information counter, i.e. help-desk;
  • Place to talk to guests;
  • Communication area at the stand;
  • Space for product presentations.

The size is adjusted to the customer’s needs and the possibilities of exhibition space.

You might think that when you are dealing with a small product, the stand may be small. Such a solution is not entirely appropriate, because by saving space, we also lose the comfort of staying in a given place. Such places are cramped, which makes them unfriendly for marketing and logistics. Small stands with limited space also have a negative impact on service and the feeling of comfort for all visitors. The optimal solution for two, three tables for guests and several products offered is an area of 20-30 square meters.

We are distinguished by the quality/price ratio in the industry

The CMA deals with production of the highest quality modules, stands and displays. Our designers use and constructors work on high quality materials, strength and functionality. Modern design is always adjusted to the company’s profile, for which we create exhibition stands. The price list, which is a ready-made template, does not exist in our company, because we always focus on an individual approach to each customer and his exhibition. What distinguishes us from the competition? The answer is an excellent value for money.

Lighting and sound system for the trade fair stand – two magnets attracting attention

The quality of presented products is influenced by the lighting of a given space. We will arrange each space with light in such a way that the complex design affects emotions of guests. We will make your exhibition stand distinguished among others and attracting to visit. We will draw attention. We always adjust the lighting intensity according to the type of surface to be illuminated and its size. We realize that warm and dimmed light is associated with evening meetings in the restaurant and encourages conversation, while huge halogens used in stage lighting distract attention and distract guests. We also install arrangement lighting, which perfectly emphasizes innovative shapes of solids, mounted as elements of exhibition systems decoration.


To make your stand even more multimedia we can equip it with a sound system. Subtle musical sounds or a presentation by a speaker are also interesting solutions that increase the attractiveness of a stand and build its atmosphere. It is a peculiar combination of pleasant and useful.

Multimedia exhibition stands? Here you are

The price of fair stand is also influenced by the artistic arrangement of a space intended for large format prints, visualizations, graphics and posters. We will showcase and present your products and services clearly and elegantly. Available solutions also include the production of commercials and 2D and 3D animation films. Animations in particular have the power to present processes of creating and using your products or services in a simple, yet precise and aesthetic way. The CMA technical team has a wide range of professional equipment, dedicated to projection, visualization, animation and video. What will be designed by our creative team will bring to life our stand technical support team.


Contact us and present your needs and expectations. We will find the most spectacular and effective solution from the marketing point of view at a price affordable for your budget.


Do you already have a project and know exactly what you need? Are you looking for a contractor and service? Great! Ask us for a free valuation.

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