Exhibition stand design

A modernly designed exhibition stand should be a guarantee of competitiveness among different types of stands in the exhibition hall. It is important that the stand design is neat and made of the highest quality materials. A properly prepared scratch should be designed for specific requirements; it should achieve a specific goal, which should be specified before starting the project. The aim may be to promote the brand, increase sales of the product, strengthen ties with consumers or showcase new products. A well-prepared exhibition stand should harmonize with its surroundings, be adjusted to the type, subject matter and scope of the trade fair. When thinking about the vision of a stand, it is always worth going one step further. Do you want your stand to be visible and you think that mounting a poster will be a good solution to attract customers? – Take advantage of our advice and let us include multimedia in your project. Do you think that one consultative position is enough? – Take care of two. The competition will always have something in store. Your stand should attract attention, encourage visits and conversations. When the fair participants remember your exhibition stand, it will have a positive impact on the company’s image and you will gain potential customers.

Exhibition stand design

Design preparation is the first step in construction of the exhibition stand. Our creative concept specialists will discuss with you how you can imagine your stand. Next, they will determine the type of development of the exhibition system, its size, which must be adjusted to the object, location and form of presentation. At this stage, a sketch is created, which after acceptance by you becomes a project for final acceptance.


Visualization is an important stage in the creation of exhibition stand design. After approving the project, our specialists will convert the technical project into a computer screen. Thanks to visualization, the client can get acquainted with colors of the interior and presented details of stand layout, the layout of information counter, tables for clients, a multimedia board and other composition elements. Visualization enables to show how the exhibition stand will look like after its construction. The graphic designer shows projection from different perspectives, so that the customer is able to see the stand from each side. Thanks to the use of most modern technology, CMA graphic designers can reproduce the stand in various light conditions, so that the client can assess the project even more accurately and determine whether his expectations have been fulfilled at this stage of project, or whether it is necessary to make a correction.


The CMA is a team of people who create your project with passion, not forgetting about the importance of technology consulting. You, as a client, do not have to be familiar with the modern solutions that are used in stand construction. Until recently, films promoting the company, or showing the use of product appeared on LED and one-touch screens. The change occurred at a time when touch screens, smartphones and tablets appeared. Innovative technologies can be an effective form of advertisement for your position, which will result in a greater number of interested parties and increased sales opportunities. Although the above-mentioned LED screens and multimedia presentations are slowly becoming a thing of the past, they are still functioning as modern forms of information transmission. Screens changed their diagonals from 40-50″ to 80-106″. The leading ones are seamless screens called video walls and large format LED screens. Films presenting the type of offered services or products are recorded with SLR cameras in full HD quality. Often at the fair there are also diode screens, which can be bent into waves, arches and rims, which increase the attractiveness of arrangement of any promotional stand. On this type of screens, where the distance between diodes can be only 2.5 mm, you can display 4K films. This is four times larger than the commonly considered class S, Full HD resolution. Modern technology enables to place LED screens in full sunlight, without the effect of light reflection and broken lines. An optimal combination of modern technology and comfort of the viewer is suspension of LED screens at a specific height. On the other hand, if we care about the readability of materials close up, a seamless screen should be installed at the workstation. Modern technology is not an exception, but more and more often an indispensable part of exhibition stand.


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  • Our team has its own design and assembly team, which thanks to many years of experience, can guarantee the highest level of service;
  • We take care of your company’s branding from the beginning to the end of your order. We develop graphic and promotional materials;
  • We do not create in a standard way – we always choose an individual strategy for the implementation of a given task, adjusting the order of activities to the entrusted order.
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