Trade Fair Services


The fair will be called a place of trade meetings, during which entrepreneurs present their own company’s offer in order to make commercial transactions. The fair takes place periodically in a specific place and according to an agreed schedule. It is a place of trade meetings, which offers the possibility of contact with sellers and buyers. Trades can be divided into general and specialist ones. The first is dedicated to a large group of interested parties, has a leading theme and presents the products of a given country. Specialized trade fairs are organized for entrepreneurs from a specific industry and aimed to establish cooperation.


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Trade fair service – step by step

  1. Setting the schedule;
  2. Determining the technical possibilities of a hall;
  3. Planning the construction of commercial stands;
  4. Promotion of the event;
  5. Selection of speakers, host and fair staff;
  6. Recording of reports from the event;
  7. Finalization, summary and sending acknowledgements to the participants.

In the initial phase of establishing a schedule, the objectives of trade fairs are also defined. The CMA prepares a strategy for implementation of the trade fair and creates a scenario. When choosing the place where the exhibition of products or services will take place, it is necessary to take into account the possibilities of space arrangement offered by a given facility. The CMA team is experienced in cooperation with all EXPO facilities in Poland. We know their possibilities and we are able to optimize every aspect and area directly or indirectly influencing the quality of experience which is participation in the fair. This regards both from the exhibitors’ and visitors’ point of view.


Our specialization also includes comprehensive services for exhibitors in the design, visualization and construction of exhibition stands. You can get acquainted with our offer in this area here: Fair Stands.


The next stage of fair preparation is to inform the participants about the upcoming event. Promotion of fair in the media will allow you to reach a wide range of potential interested parties, and our creative team will take care of both the preparation of graphic and promotional materials, as well as support your activities and marketing communication.


An important element in the preparation of large-scale marketing event is always the selection of a host or hosts who will ensure the attractiveness of opening and closing ceremony and will lead planned side events – discussions, trainings and workshops. They have become an inseparable element increasing the value of participation in trade fairs and it is hard to imagine a trade fair without them today. The CMA is also helpful in this respect. We have an extensive database of professional entertainers and hostesses, whose task will be to conduct events at the highest level.


Multimedia support for the fair is a use of modern technologies to build the visual setting of such an event. It is a play of light, 2D and 3D animations, three-dimensional projections, and even 3D mapping and three-dimensional holograms. We will advise, design, deliver and comprehensively serve your needs in this extremely important area. Well, you must feel WOW!


Finally, it is also worth taking care to commemorate the fair and to present its course to a wider audience. We will take photos and video reports, which will be the best form of advertising after the fair. Success brings success, and this means that today’s success of your trade fair event is the probability of even greater success during its next edition.


Is fair service not enough? Do you need additional equipment and technical support? Check the offer of our rental company (here) and the scope of technical support services (here).

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