Event Handling

Event support + Technical support = Synergy

The CMA is an event company specializing both in service and technical support of any event format. Why do we distinguish between these two related categories? Because the scope of both categories includes different tasks requiring equally high level of competence. It is the highest level of competence that distinguishes CMA from the competition. It is the common denominator in the equation, the result of which is success of the project.

What else distinguishes us?

The CMA event service is a professional, experienced and reliable support for every event agency and event organizers in the field of:


  • Concept and implementation of tasks in the area of branding and multi-channel promotion of the event;
  • Creation and design of graphic design and visual sphere, including spatial sphere, of the event;
  • Advice and support in preparation of documentation and formal applications, as well as in obtaining the necessary permits;
  • Selection of an appropriate place for the event;
  • Access to and bookings: entertainers and speakers, special guests and artists;
  • Know-how and selection of the most modern visual and technological solutions;
  • Design and operation of event multimedia in 2D, 3D and motion design technologies.

To whom do we address our event service offer?

Are you the owner of an event agency or event manager responsible for organizing events in your company? Our event service has been prepared with you in mind. As your event partner, we will help you and secure the key areas of your event. We will relieve you of the burden of responsibilities where you need it. We will save your time and energy by optimizing the process. Our support is a guarantee of success and unforgettable experience for your guests and participants.

Characteristics of an event determines the needs in terms of its service

We have cooperated with the organizers of more than 6000 event successes. We know everything about their service. Proof?

Choose a category that interests you. You will find out that knowledge, know-how and added value are the strength, power and energy of our team:

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