Handling of Trainings and Workshops


Trainings are a series of lectures on a given subject. They are organized in order to supplement the education, knowledge or skills. Trainings can be: open, i.e. accessible to all interested parties, closed – organized for the needs of a group, internal, i.e. conducted by the company’s own staff, external, when the company commissions training to an external company, individual – between a participant and trainer, and group – addressed to a wider group of people. While training can be both theoretical and practical, workshops are strictly practical, during which some skills are improved in practice.


Related events:  courses, seminars, shows, lectures, symposiums.

Handling of trainings and workshops – step by step

  1. Planning and setting an educational objective;
  2. Selection of a relevant trainer/workshop leader;
  3. Scenario and division of tasks;
  4. Selection of an appropriate place and technical equipment of the facility;
  5. Preparation of training materials, promotional materials/needed in the workshops;
  6. Implementation and handling of trainings and workshops;
  7. Summary and acknowledgements to the participants.

Both trainings and workshops are organizationally complex events. They require solid planning and preparation in terms of educational benefits and values for participants. From the very beginning, it is necessary to clearly define whether the training should be closed or open to outside people. This determines the choice of place and channels of marketing communication. Next, it is worth specifying the issue of how long the training or workshop should last and what the participants should learn. If the training is multistage, you should not forget about snacks and nights for participants and the trainer leading.


Determination of the educational goal precedes the selection of qualified trainers and instructors. Developing an event scenario will facilitate and harmonize its coordination, and thus smooth, undisturbed course. The CMA training and workshop staff will prepare the scenario of such a meeting to maximize the benefits that participants will derive from it.


If you don’t know how to prepare a workshop or training facility, leave it to us. If the facility where you plan to conduct classes does not have the right equipment, we will suggest what needs to be added and make the missing elements available as a part of our technical support and event equipment rental services.


We will also take care of branding and preparation of promotional materials. In cooperation with the trainer we will develop training materials. In order for a given event to enjoy interest among potential participants, it is worth promoting the event as widely as possible in the media. In our arsenal you will find a full spectrum of effective marketing communication tools. We will maximize coverage and participation now and in the future. In the future? Yes. If your workshops are to be cyclical, we will help you to take care of a professional relations and documentation of photos and videos. This is especially important when the workshop is closed. Media coverage offers an opportunity to see what happened during the workshop. Thanks to it you will show the course to a wide range of potential recipients and thus increase the interest in event in the future during its next years of organization.


How to increase the probability of success? It’s easy. It is worth taking advantage of the variety of workshops, enriching it with a scenario of an accompanying event. Our training and workshop staff can support or even help the organizer in planning and organizing games and entertainments. We will increase the level of attractiveness of the training event and provide an additional platform for participants to integrate. You will surely agree with us that nothing connects people as much as good, fun together.


We will bring value to the organization of any form of your workshop or training. We do not limit ourselves only to organizational and promotional support. Our specialization also includes technical support for such events.

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