Congress Support


A congress is a meeting of people at a specific place and time. It differs from conferences mainly in the regularity of the meetings. Most meetings are held once a year, but there are also sessions held every few months. Participants exchange views and comments on a topic of interest. Mostly the meetings are scientific, religious, political, social or international. Participation in a congress is determined by whether an organization or individual qualifies for the form and topic of the meeting.


Related events: meeting, convention, session, symposium


  1. Developing the concept of the event;

  2. Planning the schedule of activities;

  3. Preparation of documentation;

  4. Dividing and discussing the tasks of participants;

  5. Preparation of the technical setting of the venue;

  6. Selection of speakers, presenters and congress support;

  7. Promotion of the event;

  8. Preparation of materials;

  9. Discussing the conclusions of the event.

At the beginning of the organization of the congress, it is important to identify the needs and the goal to be achieved. By answering the question: „What do we want to achieve?” – we will specify the purpose of such a meeting. When analyzing the costs and planning the schedule of the meeting, do not forget to complete the formalities, documentation and relevant permits. Knowing that the congress is a cyclical meeting, it is worth choosing a place, which will usually be a congress hall, meeting the technical conditions required by the organizer.


CMA congress support provides its assistance already at the stage of congress branding. We will help develop graphics and all congress materials. Our creative team will develop the entire visual sphere. Together we will raise the visuals of your event to a level that guarantees a unique and always amazing end result.


We will also share our knowledge and experience in the promotion of your congress. Together we will precisely define the target group and methods to reach the widest range of its representatives. All the tools known to the modern event industry are at our disposal, from traditional invitations sent by mail to the creation of the event’s information profile in social media and its website.


On the staffing side, you can count on access to our database of experienced entertainers and conveners. If, on the other hand, the scenario of your congress will include the organization of peripheral attractions in the form of performances by renowned artists or demonstrations of interesting skills by special guests, then our excellent relations with the artistic and conferencing community are at your disposal. The possibilities in this regard are vast, if not limitless.


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