Handling of Company Picnics and Integration Events


Company picnics and integration events are specific forms of entertainment for company employees and often their families. They are accompanied by various attractions: concerts and games in the field. Often the course of such an event takes place according to a predetermined scenario. A company picnic is fun, interesting and arousing very positive emotions. Integration events have already become an internal part of the corporate – and not only – style of life and building interpersonal relations within the organization. A company picnic or an integration event can be of intimate or mass character. The scale depends only on the organizer’s needs. Integration events may also be accompanied by side-evens in the form of workshops and trainings improving qualifications or having only an entertaining character. Related events: courses, seminars, shows, lectures, symposiums.


  1. Planning and setting the event’s objective;
  2. Selection of an appropriate place for the event;
  3. Scenario, plan of games and attractions and division of tasks;
  4. Preparation of materials, accessories and equipment;
  5. Implementation and handling of picnics and integration events;
  6. Summary and acknowledgements to the participants.

Organization of a company picnic, company festival or integration event is a relatively complex process. It requires good preparation and coordination, especially if the course of events takes place according to a predetermined scenario. Since events are usually directed to the company’s employees, communication is mainly based on internal communication channels. The company picnic may be enriched by a concert or a special guest’s performance. Here the CMA offers its wide network of contacts among professionals, artists and event hosts. It will be interesting and engaging. We will make every effort to ensure that the moments spent by employees on the common fun are unforgettable. We help and suggest interesting places where a company picnic or integration event is worth organizing. We organize accommodation in nearby hotels and boarding houses. We can only be a support or completely relieve you of any duties. We will get your event to the last button, and you and your employees will simply have a great time. We have audio and video equipment that can be used during the organization. The availability of virtually any kind of event equipment is not a barrier for us – in this respect it is difficult to find a better match. The CMA as an event company with 20 years of experience in organizing company picnics and integration events is an excellent partner and invaluable support for those responsible for organizing such events in companies of all sizes – from large corporations to integration events for small departments of medium-sized companies or teams of several people working for small companies. We cooperate and support event agencies from all over Poland on a partnership basis. We will make every effort to make your company event in the form of a company picnic or integration event memorable for a long time, attractive for them and arouse the most positive emotions possible. We will bring value to the organization of any form of company picnic, company festival or integration event. We do not limit ourselves only to organizational and promotional support. Our specialization includes not only picnics and integration events, but also technical support for such events.

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