Film production

CMA film production is an area of creative, but at the same it is a teamwork that keeps both feet on the ground. In a unique way we combine two very different planes. A plane of unrestricted creativity responsible for vision, script, set design and project planning, as well as technical plane responsible for implementation of the project, logistics, space arrangement, stage design, recording, editing, sound and post-production. The secret of our success is excellent communication and reliable coordination of activities. Both teams work perfectly together to create a unified, effective mechanism that provides the desired and expected results, as well as pre-planned effects. There is no room for coincidences here.

Advertising and corporate film

We turn the vision into reality using innovative technologies in the hands of competent specialists. What yesterday seemed impossible, today you will achieve with our cooperation. For more than 20 years we have been proving to ourselves and our customers that we are able to constantly push the limits of our capabilities beyond the horizon.


Multimedia advertising or video advertising are absolutely effective marketing tools. Every marketer knows about it. Numerous studies on the effectiveness of advertising formats confirm this thesis. Cooperation with CMA in the production of video content for your advertising and promotional campaigns is the first step towards effective and efficient implementation of new marketing strategies in your company or the possibility to raise the existing processes to a higher level. Production of corporate promotional films is one of our favorite challenges.


We execute and produce promotional films for television advertising campaigns, video campaigns on screens located in shopping centres and public transport vehicles, as well as for development of video content within the implementation of modern Internet marketing strategies.


We will create for you: advertising spot, corporate film, promotional film, video reel, video promotion, multimedia advertisements and branded content.

Documentary film

We support the creators of short and full-length documentaries, as well as we cooperate with event agencies in the implementation of audio-visual music, cultural and sports events. Recorded live events can be broadcasted online thanks to modern live streaming technologies. Registered in HD, 2K or 4K technology, high quality digital material will be developed by our post-production specialists. As a result, you will receive a perfectly realized film documenting the course of event in the scope that we will determine at the very beginning of our cooperation.

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