Music video production

To every project of music video production we attach a full commitment. The creative team’s potential supported by experience and equipment resources at the disposal of CMA technical team is a creative combination, able to realize the most demanding artistic vision.


We have been cooperating and supporting artists, record companies and music video producers for many years. We often only out of hidden provide our knowledge, know-how and competence in the field of technical and multimedia services to the client. We are aware that the final result depends on a well-coordinated and efficient work of the whole team, which very often operates in an atmosphere of tight schedule and limited time resources.


A contemporary video clip is, in our eyes and hearts, a short story told by a dynamic image, artistic melodic line and often touching the deep layers of emotionality with a text message. It is a total content in strongly condensed form.


From the business point of view, music videos are more often an indispensable carrier of artistic vision. They facilitate and accelerate the promotion of creative activity. They increase the level of involvement and build a multisensory bond with fans by synchronizing the audio sphere with visual sphere.
CMA as a music video producer is able to handle the entire creative and technical process of music video production. From agreeing on a vision, writing a script and planning a project, to logistics, production, as well as editing and color correction. All stages are consulted with creators in order to meet their expectations and requirements. Our focus on mutual understanding of the desired direction, goal and effect combined with excellent creative concepts guarantee the success of a music video clip.


We also assemble music videos based on the delivered recording materials from events such as concerts, festivals or cultural events. We optimize the style of clip in relation to presented piece of music, as well as add special visual and graphic effects. The final effect is a professionally produced video, which attracts attention and gives the event an appropriate rank in accordance with the organizer’s vision.


You can meet our band during cooperation with artists and labels from all over the country.

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