Rental of cameras and video equipment

Rental of cameras and video equipment for the production of video recordings for television and the Internet requires nowadays the use of the most perfect available equipment. In order to create a satisfactory quality video from a special event, also such as a wedding reception or proms, it also requires a professional device. When renting a camera, we attach great importance to the fact that the audiovisual footage recorded with its help is characterized by the best image and sound quality.

What cameras and video equipment can you rent from the CMA rental company?

In our storage you will find only renowned brand filming equipment i.e. Sony, which has been a leader in the electronics industry for years. Rented cameras are characterized by perfect resolution and a wide range of applications. The Concept Music Art Company guarantees the equipment, as well as its operation in the highest standard, full efficiency of supplied devices and support with the use of cameras to realize the vision.


Currently we have two models at our disposal: Sony PMW-EX3 is a camera with a semi-arranged construction, with replaceable lens – that allows you to choose the optics to suit the circumstances and with the possibility of remote control – that gives you genuine flexibility when creating the material. It uses genlock and timecode signals enable full synchronization of video and sound. The Sony PXW-FS7 model was created in response to expectations of documentary filmmakers. Comfortable to use camera thanks to its ergonomic design will work well in all conditions. The device provides the operator with a comfort of filming even for a very long time.

What else can you find in the CMA video and audio rental service?

We also offer a camera crane for rent – lifting the camera above the ground to a height of few meters. Thanks to its use, it is possible to film from places outside the operator’s reach. Shots of people, space, objects taken from a new, unreachable perspective will be enriched by the video material.

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